Test footnote and citation rendering

Paragraphs may contain footnote references (manually numbered1, anonymous auto-numbered3, labeled auto-numbered2, or symbolic*) or citation references ([CIT2002], [DU2015]).


A footnote contains body elements, consistently indented by at least 3 spaces.

This is the footnote's second paragraph.


Footnotes may be numbered, either manually (as in1) or automatically using a "#"-prefixed label. This footnote has a label so it can be referred to from multiple places, both as a footnote reference (2) and as a hyperlink reference.


This footnote is numbered automatically and anonymously using a label of "#" only.

This is the second paragraph.

And this is the third paragraph.


Footnotes may also use symbols, specified with a "*" label. Here's a reference to the next footnote:.

This footnote shows the next symbol in the sequence.


Here's an unreferenced footnote, with a reference to a nonexistent footnote:5.



Citations are text-labeled footnotes. They may be rendered separately and differently from footnotes.


Example document, Hometown: 2015.

Here's a reference to the above, [CIT2002].


this footnote is missing in the standard example document.