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An HTML Chunker for reStructuredText

Author: Andras Mohari <mayday at vizslamail dot hu>
Date: 2008-02-20
Status: Experimental
Copyright: This document has been placed in the public domain.


rst2chunkedhtml reads standalone reStructuredText source files and produces chunked HTML output. It chunks sections up to a specified depth, and uses the DocUtils HTML writer to convert the chunks to HTML.


1   Requirements

2   Setting Up

To try rst2chunkedhtml, grab the latest development version of DocUtils, copy the docutils Python package to a directory of your choice, and apply the patch to it. Finally adjust your PYTHONPATH environment variable so that the package can be imported.

3   Quick Start

Let's chunk a file called demo.txt:

mkdir demo
rst2chunkedhtml --chunk-depth=0 demo.txt demo/index.html

This chunks all sections, writes the root chunk to demo/index.html, and all other chunks to demo/<id>.html, where <id> is the section ID. As you can see above, the directory must already exist, it will not be created for you. Note that if a chunked section node has an ID called index, the filename of the chunk would conflict with that of the root chunk, and rst2chunkedhtml will exit with an error.

4   Usage

You can invoke rst2chunkedhtml the same way you would invoke rst2html:

rst2chunkedhtml [options] [<source> [<destination>]]