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What is odf2docutils?

odf2docutils is a tool to generate Docutils XML from Open Document Format (ODF). This way you can create a Docutils XML file from ODF input and then transform the result to reStructuredText by using xml2rst.

Using odf2docutils

Use odf2docutils by calling on an ODF file. Run odf2docutils --help for more information.


odf2docutils is available through the Docutils Subversion repository as part of the Docutils sandbox in sandbox/odf2docutils.

Moreover you can fetch it directly from the current maintainer at


odf2docutils depends on the lxml package [1]. Make sure this package is installed before running odf2docutils.

After you obtained the package run python install.

[1]Under Debian based operating systems try apt-get install python-lxml.



There are test suites in tests. Use filterunit to run tests.


So far only a small subset of ODF is supported. This may change over time.


The core of odf2docutils is implemented as an XSLT stylesheet called odf2docutils.xsl. So far the script is only needed for handling ODF files and run the XSLT processor.