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Docutils Infrastructure

Docutils Infrastructure

Author: Lea Wiemann
Revision: 7577
Date: 2012-12-18
Copyright: This document has been placed in the public domain.

The infrastructure sandbox directory stores any scripts that are needed for the development of the Docutils project.


The script to update the web site from a developer machine or on shell.sourceforge.

If a file ON_SOURCEFORGE exists in current dorectory, the script assumes being executed on shell.sourceforge.

The script to make releases_ of Docutils. For usage details see release.txt

TODO : test.

Allow release without testing, because tests must be done on more than one os.

The script to run tests at release time, extracted from

Everything below this line needs rework

Overview: files to using scp, inserting the current date in the file name.
update-htmlfiles:Used to initialise a docutils-update upload directory. Generating html-files from txt-files first time.
htmlfiles.lst:The list of files for update-htmlfiles.

and are these used by anyone. changes from the trunk to the maintenance branch. (mirror) an FSFS Subversion repository via SSH. Used to backup the Docutils Subversion repository.

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