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README: htmlnav

README: htmlnav

An HTML writer for docutils which supports navigation-bars

Author: Gunnar Schwant
Date: 2003-06-09



This is the writer which I use to build my homepage: [1] The name htmlnav is a short term for HTML with navigation-bars.

System Requirements

Docutils and everything needed to use docutils has to be installed.


Perform the usual install procedure.


Most parts of the writer are inherited from David Goodger's html4css1. In fact, if no .nav-files do exist in the destination directory, it produces the same output as David's writer.

Short example

  1. Go to docutils' "tools"-directory and create a file called "left.nav" with the following contents:

    colors  | #000000  | #8E8E8E
    section | Home
    link    | Python   |
    link    | Docutils |
    raw     | <br>
    raw     | &copy; 2003 MyCompany
  2. Process "test.txt" to HTML using "": test.txt test.html

    Open "test.html" in your browser. You will notice the left navigation-bar.

  3. Create a file called "right.nav" in docutils' "tools"-directory. This time the contents are:

    colors  | #000000 | #8E8E8E
    section | Contact
    link    | |
  4. Now perform step 2 again and open "test.html" in your browser. You will notice that there is a right navigation-bar now.

  5. Create a file called "top.nav" in docutils' "tools"-directory with the following contents:

    color     | #C8DBEB
    cornerpic | ../docs/rst/images/ball1.gif
    link      | Home     | test.html
    link      | Python   |
    link      | Docutils |
    link      | Search   |
  6. Once again perform step 2 and open "test.html" in your browser. Now a top navigation-bar is there, too.


[1]Sorry, my homepage is in german language. However, even if you don't understand what the text says, you'll get an impression of the writers output.