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Makefile.docutils is a makefile that handles most things one would want to do with docutils. For minimal applications it can be used directly; typically you would include it in your makefiles, e.g.:

DOCS = foo.txt bar.txt

include Makefile.docutils

For quick jobs make DOCS=foo.txt\ bar.txt or just make (taking all *.txt files) will also work.

This makefile is very flexible and can be configured by setting many variables. It also supports pre/postprocessing, currently with sandbox/cben/rolehack scripts and rudimentary output-format-dependant adaptation of .* names with sed scripts.

The makefile is heavily commented and the comments themeselves are in reST (sort of literate programming). A script ( is provided that can convert the whole file to legal reST - run make in this directory to build the docs (make ps pdf would give you more formats).

Enjoy and tell me ( if you miss any functionality or flexibility...