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Author: Martin Blais
Date: 2006-06-12

A script that can raise or lower (shift) the levels of the underline characters defining the sections of a file.


This script is useless if you're using emacs with rst.el. The current (2006) rst.el does this job pretty well already.

From an email on the list:

> > i want to contribute my movesec script that rotates the section
> > markers.  i use it every now and then and i'm finding it useful and
> > stable enough that i think other should be able to enjoy it too.
> "Rotates"?

yes, it raises or lowers the "levels" of the underline characters of a
file.  it shifts them either up or down (in level), and introduces a
new underline character for the new level.

this is useful when you're reorganizing the sections of part of a
file, for example.  you could use this on a section of a file only
using shell-command-on-region in emacs (i still need to write a hook
to do that).


You can now do that within emacs using rest-adjust with an active region, see restructuredtext.el for details.