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rst "markup streamer" for ViewCVS

rst "markup streamer" for ViewCVS

Author: Axel Kollmorgen
Contact: axel(at)kollmorgen[dot]net
Version: README.txt 1759 2003-12-05 08:34:17Z ax-
Web site:

this is a modification of ViewCVS that enables rst .txt files in ViewCVS repositories to be viewed as .html ("markup"). this is achieved by adding a new "markup streamer" markup_stream_rst() to that basically does the same as docutils' tools/ [DOC] [SRC]. once installed, any .txt file w/ a link ending w/ view=auto or view=markup will be rendered as html.

do you think this is useful? please send feedback. much appreciated!


ViewCVS / docutils CVS 2003-Oct-28. it will probably work with any docutils 0.3 or newer and with newer (and a little older) versions of ViewCVS. if you use a different version of ViewCVS, do a diff of before overwriting it - the source changes frequently.