README: The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a place to play around, to try out and share ideas. The sandbox/ directory is a part of the Subversion repository but it isn't distributed as part of Docutils releases.

It's OK to make a mess in the Sandbox! But please, play nice.

A project-specific subdirectory should be created for each new project. Any developer who wants to play in the sandbox may create their own subdirectory (suggested name: SourceForge ID, or given name + family initial), but project directories are recommended over personal directories, which discourage collaboration.

For more information, please see the Docutils Project Policies. The Sandbox is mirrored at the Docutils web site, so the Docutils Web Site documentation applies as well.

Sandbox Projects

See the sandbox/ directory for a complete list.

Some Sandbox projects, are also sorted into the Docutils Link List.